On-site parking options

Capitanos offers free limited parking on a first come basis. We have secure 13 parking spaces that are available for guests to use. We are unable to reserve parking spaces. If parking is full the following options are available

Off-site parking options

  1. Readily available street parking is available all day outside the hotel.
    1. Parking fees are approx $2 per hour between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday
    2. Parking on the stree is free on the weekends and from 5pm to 8am
  2. All-day parking
    1. Off street council carpark is located opposite the hotel at 96 Mitchell Street and also at the corner of Mitchell/ Daly streets only 50 metres from the hotel
    2. All day parking at these two parks is $3.60 per day
    3. Parking is freeĀ  from 5pm to 8am and on weekends
    4. This is the most suitable option for larger vehicles if no street parking is available